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I never could wrap my brain around straightening out after a turn. I seem to be conditioned to expect letting go of the key to let me go straight. I think having a graphic show how much I am turning would help. I think even having a bar with a square in it would help. Turning left the square moves left in the bar and as you 'right' yourself it moves back towards the center.

I find that my mind has a hard time with the land not moving relative to the camera. When I go driving, the world changes relative to my eyes (the camera). To play this game I would have to rewire how I think.

I hope the feedback is handy. I don't have an issue with the game--the controls just don't match how my brain works.

Really solid concept for a car game! The controls are very precise, so it's hard for a newbie like me to figure them out, but I could see racing game fans really enjoy this challenge. It's nice that you don't have to have a button pushing the gas constantly. I imagine once you figure out drifting this game is very satisfying to watch as well. Nice pixel effects and SFX on the drift too!