LEFT/RIGHT to turn. Hold SPACE to drift.

You probably will never make it past the first turn. Nothing personal, we can't all be the White Ghost of Akina.


A Car That Turns attempts to capture the idea of mastery.

The controls are simple: turn left, turn right, and drift.

LEFT/RIGHT to turn. Hold SPACE to drift.

Don't let this simplicity fool you. The car's nuances during a drift will put your will and determination to the test. Sticking to it is worth the effort (getting that perfect drift feels so damn good).

Reach a state of flow as you try to beat your best times on Akina, Usui, Myogi, and others.

Updated 2 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorAmir Rajan
Tagsae86, android, dragonruby, drift, drifting, initiald, ios


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man, this is tough. also no sound on Edge :( alas, ima keep playing as i finally made it through the first hair-pin. just wish there was a fullscreen button *nudge* :)

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For fullscreen, are you playing in the browser or desktop? Which OS?

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With respect to sound, there isn’t any right now XD. I might add some unobtrusive engine noises. But you’ll have to provide your own eurobeat soundtracks :-)

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HTML (MS Edge)

and Engine + tire SCREEEECH would be appreciated. :)

And the terrifying AE86 chime sound 😈


Browser fullscreen is kind of janky on itch (I’ll try it, but it prolly won’t look to great).

But I can definitely add it to the desktop versions and the Steam release.

I'm not getting any sound when I play locally (Windows 11). Also, the game is just a blank screen when I try to play in browser.

No sound in the game. What browser were you using?

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Chrome Version 111.0.5563.65 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I'm seeing these warnings in the console when loading the game:

I'm not sure if they are relevant to the issue.

Do any of my other games work for you? Is it possible that GPU acceleration isn’t enabled in Chrome settings?

(Thanks for this info btw)

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No problem :)

I was not able to play either Super Shoe Thrower games or Car that Turns. I was able to play all other available to the browser successfully.

The Dark Souls of driving games! Really fun to play after seeing your video updates in the DragonRuby Discord. I appreciate the past crash markers and how well the minimalist style works.

Any chance the drifting can support gamepad controls? Steering works already, but drifting only seemed to work with Spacebar from my testing.


I think I mapped R for drifting via a controller :-)

Rad, thanks!! Been enjoying it on iOS too to get my practice in. 😄

265 on Akina

140 on usui

imagine if there were no checkpoints :)

Heck yea! You enjoying the game? Any feedback? I’m thinking of adding Myogi Pass next.

ofc it is enjoyable ... and will play it

for a feedback  .. for me the game is balanced .. not too hard .. not to easy , and the edge detection is forgiving (imagine failing if you touch the corner of the road)

Also ... this one inspired me to make a similar game for the 20 sec gamejam (will try to submit it in less than a week)


Something absolutely ridiculous to try is to try to beat a track while never releasing the drift button. It’s… interesting I think.

And no I haven’t been able to get very far doing that XD (still tried for 30 minutes straight)

would make a good challenge video ..... 

OR you can make the drift toggle-able through the pause menu as a hardcore mode ... and the car will be drifting by default

Yep. Still experimenting with it before I commit to making it a new mechanic. I’m not sure if it’s fun or if it’s because I’m crazy

I really like the lights! Also I can't drive at all lol

205.73s I think about 4 or 5 deaths. Took me a while to get used to the drifting.

I was able to master and got to the unfinished area or finished area IDK if the map still unfinished

That’s the end of Akina pass :-)

My fastest time is 151.47, zero deaths.

Try to beat it ^_^


I made it past the first corner after way too many tries but it was worth it :D


For the second corner. Try turning more. Also try turning less. But definitely turn maybe.


I never could wrap my brain around straightening out after a turn. I seem to be conditioned to expect letting go of the key to let me go straight. I think having a graphic show how much I am turning would help. I think even having a bar with a square in it would help. Turning left the square moves left in the bar and as you 'right' yourself it moves back towards the center.

I find that my mind has a hard time with the land not moving relative to the camera. When I go driving, the world changes relative to my eyes (the camera). To play this game I would have to rewire how I think.

I hope the feedback is handy. I don't have an issue with the game--the controls just don't match how my brain works.

The controls for straightening out are much much better. Only took 3 years XD

Really solid concept for a car game! The controls are very precise, so it's hard for a newbie like me to figure them out, but I could see racing game fans really enjoy this challenge. It's nice that you don't have to have a button pushing the gas constantly. I imagine once you figure out drifting this game is very satisfying to watch as well. Nice pixel effects and SFX on the drift too!

The controls are way better. Give it another shot. Sorry for taking three years XD